Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter
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Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter

Summer isn’t over yet, but the evenings are already getting a little cooler, and with kids starting school again, it’s a reminder that fall and winter aren’t far behind. Even though it still seems far away, it won’t be all that long before we’re all getting ready for the holidays.

If you’re in charge of maintaining a commercial facility, fall is an ideal time to address some important maintenance issues in case this winter brings unexpected weather. Taking simple steps now to make sure your commercial roof is ready for whatever winter holds can end up saving your company significantly. In this post from Just Roofing in Hampton, we’ll break down some important considerations for getting your commercial roof prepared for winter. Here’s what you need to know.

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

The best way to keep your commercial roof in good shape is to plan ahead. If you plan for a moderate winter, you can end up facing challenges your organization isn’t prepared for that cost you in terms of energy costs and repairs. Here are a few reasons to set aside time for a commercial roof inspection this fall:

●        Better HVAC performance

●        Reduced energy costs

●        More comfortable and consistent building temperatures

●        Maximize the life of your roof

Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Roof Maintenance

If you missed the chance to get your roof checked out over the summer, don’t worry. Many commercial roofers consider fall to be the best time of year to schedule a roof inspection and roof repairs.

There are many benefits to scheduling your annual roof maintenance in the fall:

●        Moderate Temperatures: The moderate temperatures are ideal for bonding and curing of any roofing products used in the repair or roof replacement process. They also make the work more comfortable for roofing contractors.

●        More Consistent Weather: Fall is a fairly predictable time of year when it comes to weather. Spring and summer are far more likely to bring extreme weather including thunderstorms, high winds, and hail. On the other hand, fall is a good time to assess any damage that may have occurred during the summer and spring months. And because the weather tends to be a little more predictable, this can make the work go fast.

●        Prepare for Winter: Although we don’t live in a region that stays icy all winter long, we can occasionally get hit with some nasty winter weather. There is always a chance that ice or winter weather could hit anytime, and it’s better to be prepared than the alternative. Even minor damage can become significant when the weight of ice or snow are piled on. Getting your roof in shape during the fall ensures your roof is up to the challenge of any wild winter weather Mother Nature can throw at it.

Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

We offer repair and roof installation for EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofs. Here are some of the most common signs that your commercial roof is in need of repair:

●        Seepage Around Flashing and Seals: Sometimes, flashing and seals are installed in such a way that moisture is able to seep through.

●        Poor Adherence: When the material on a flat roof is not adhered as it should be, the roof beneath can become exposed.

●        Inadequate Repair: One of the most common problems with commercial roofs is poorly completed past work including both installation and repairs. Materials must be applied correctly so they can last the lifespan of the roof.

Getting Your Roof Ready

To make sure your roof is ready for the challenge of winter, it’s best to have a professional inspection from a commercial roofing contractor. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to commercial roofs is that minor problems may go completely undetected and are difficult to identify without an experienced roofer.

A professional roof inspection means your roof will be examined thoroughly inside and out. We’ll check all seals and vents on the roof to identify any structural weaknesses in the roofing material. Our expert roofing team will also look for any accumulated moisture that’s trapped. Once we’ve identified an area where moisture is being retained, we’ll perform a cost-effective repair. We’ll only recommend roofing replacement if it’s absolutely necessary to protect your building and property.

Here’s what you can expect from a commercial flat roof inspection:

●        Precise identification of the source of roof damage

●        Information so you’re informed throughout the process

●        Recommendations regarding repair

●        Friendly, professional service

Contact Our Hampton, VA Commercial Roofing Services

Even if your commercial roof isn’t leaking, it’s important to prioritize regular roof maintenance. Having your roof checked out by a professional roofing services team can help to ensure your roof will perform well through this winter and in the future.

Our commercial roofing contractors at Just Roofing have been serving the Hampton Roads area for more than 40 years. To speak to a member of our commercial roofing team, call us at 757-310-3873 or contact us on the web and request an estimate on a commercial roof inspection today.

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