Six Reasons to Love Slate Roofing
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Six Reasons to Love Slate Roofing

When it comes to residential roofing materials, there are plenty of beautiful options out there to choose from with everything from architectural shingles to cedar shake. Among them, slate roofing stands out a cut above the rest. Often found on historic homes and buildings throughout Virginia, slate roofing is as beautiful and durable today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Whether you’re fortunate enough to live in a historic home with timeless slate roofing or you’re thinking of having slate roofing installed, Just Roofing has you covered. We offer a complete range of slate roofing services throughout the Hampton, Virginia area. Check out these great reasons to fall in love with slate roofing and then give us a call when you’re ready to connect with a residential roofing contractor about slate roofing services.

Benefits of a Slate Roof

Slate roofs are manufactured using hand-split slate shingles made from quarried or mined slate, giving a roof the longevity and timelessness of natural stone. These enduring roofs are a higher-end product that will last for generations. These are a few of the main advantages of owning a slate roof:

1.    Long Lifespan

Along with metal roofs, slate roofs have some of the longest lifespans of any residential roofing material. And it should come as no surprise since the stones themselves are millions of years old.

The longevity of stones from different quarries may vary due to composition and manufacturing process. But many of today’s slate roofs have been around for at least a century. For example, harder slate roofs like Buckingham slate are said to last for between 150-200 years. Even softer slates can last for up to 90 years.

2.    Environmentally Friendly

Inexpensive roofing materials are a drain on the environment as they need to be replaced frequently. In fact, many cheaper types of asphalt shingles need to be replaced as often as once per decade. And once you are finally ready to replace your slate roof, the material is completely recyclable. If you’re concerned about reducing your household’s environmental footprint, slate roofing is an excellent choice.

3.    Enduring Beauty

Slate roofs are the classiest, most attractive roofs available, bar none. They’re also available in a wide range of styles and sizes. As for colors, choose from almost any color of slate imaginable from purple to green and everything in between.

4.    Energy-Efficient

Due to its natural density, slate offers a natural insulating quality that helps to increase your home’s efficiency and reduce the transfer of heat. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but you’ll also enjoy reduced energy costs over time when compared to some other types of roofing materials.

5.    Waterproof

Slate is a waterproof material that won’t absorb moisture. And when installed correctly and regularly maintained, slate shingles can work together to create a watertight surface that prevents moisture from seeping into your home where it can damage your interior.

6.    Fire-Resistant

Because slate is a stone that is formed by a process of extreme heat and pressure, it is far more durable and fire-resistant than other roofing materials. In the event of a fire, a slate roof can help to slow the spread when compared to cedar shake or asphalt shingles. In fact, it can stand up to fire better than some metals. Because of this extreme thermal resistance, slate is excellent at weathering extreme temperature changes.

Slate Roof Repair Issues

Homeowners with slate roofs face a unique challenge when hiring a slate roof repair contractor. That’s because most roofing contractors have very little experience in working with slate roofs. When you’re dealing with a historic roof that’s a century old or more, this can be especially concerning.

One of the most common problems encountered when working with inexperienced contractors is that they may needlessly urge a homeowner to replace their slate roof. To destroy a beautiful slate roof is like erasing a piece of history. A quality slate roof is built to last for centuries, but it requires a team of contractors who understand the ins and outs of working with a slate roof.

Choosing the Right Slate Roofing Contractor

Understanding how to properly repair a slate roof begins with understanding where it originated from. Different slate manufacturers come from different quarries, and a roofing contractor will be able to connect with the right manufacturers and ask the right questions. An experienced and knowledgeable slate contractor also understands issues like underlayment, side lap, and head lap that can impact the overall watertightness of the roof.

Additionally, slate tiles are highly durable when exposed to the elements but can be easily broken by an inexperienced roofing contractor. A knowledgeable contractor, on the other hand, will be able to safely navigate your slate roof without damaging your investment and use specialized materials for working with slate.

Contact Our Virginia Slate Roofing Services

If you’re a Virginia homeowner with a slate roof, you need a slate roofing contractor you can trust. That’s when it’s time to call Just Roofing in Hampton. As a local full-service residential and commercial roofer, we have the knowledge and experience to preserve your slate roof and keep it looking and working great for years to come. Connect with our team by calling 757-310-3873, or contact us online to get your free roof repair estimate today.

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