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  • Experienced Roofing Contractors: Just Roofing owner Stewart Miller has been honing his residential roofing skills for more than 40 years!
  • Flat Roof Services: Many businesses now have flat roofs, for which we provide installation and repair services.
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  • Thorough Clean Up: There are roofing contractors out there who disregard your landscaping, but that’s not us. We leave your property cleaner than we found it!

As a business owner, you know that your building’s appearance has a lot to do with the clients you get and their determination to stick with you. If your property run down or damaged from severe weather, it not only poses a health hazard to you and your employees, but also to your clients.

Our experienced contractors at Just Roofing can help ensure your commercial property is in good shape – and that it stays that way! Read on to learn what sets us apart from other commercial roofing companies, then give us a call to get started on your project!

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Commercial Roof Repair near Hampton, VA

Has your business’s roof been damaged in a storm or other event? If so, you should contact our team at Just Roofing to complete your repairs in a timely manner. We know a leaky, damaged roof can hinder your business, and we want to help you get back on your feet.

Depending on the type of roofing material you currently have at your property, we will decide what types of repairs we need to make. For instance, we repair EPDM rubber roofing in a different manner than we repair asphalt shingles. Additionally, if your roof is too damaged to be salvaged, we can tear off the material and install a completely new roof. To learn more about these repair services, contact our team today.

Our Commercial Roofing Materials

When it comes to our commercial roofing services, we find that we frequently get requests to install and repair flat roofs. There are a wide variety of materials available for flat roofing systems, including:

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

EDPM is commonly known in the industry as rubber roofing; Its two primary ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas. Because it’s more affordable than other roofing materials, EPDM roofs are very popular. The seams of an EPDM roofing system are sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

One of the most widely used roofing materials in the industry, TPO is made of chemically bonded rubber, ethylene, and propylene, and like PVC, it features welded seams for durability. TPO offers some of the best energy savings when it comes to single-ply membrane roofing, because it’s readily available in white and light gray.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

The most popular of all flat roofing materials, PVC is a hard plastic material designed to withstand heavy pressure from use and natural elements. Sheets of PVC are heat-welded at the seams to form a watertight bond. While PVC is generally more expensive than EPDM and TPO, it’s also stronger and more durable. An additional benefit is energy efficiency – white-colored PVC sheets reflect the sun’s energy instead of absorbing it.

EDPM, TPO, and PVC are all single-ply membrane materials used for flat roofing. They come as sheets that can be ballasted, mechanically fastened, or chemically adhered to insulation to create a layer of protection on your commercial building. If you’re not sure what type of roofing material is best for your commercial flat roof, we’re here to help! We’ll sit down with you to discuss your options and determine which roofing materials best suit the needs of your facility.

In addition to new installations, we can complete a variety of different projects involving commercial roofs, such as tear-offs, re-roofs, several repairs, and more. Our reliable services are second to none, and we know we can enhance the appearance of your commercial property.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Just Roofing, we focus on doing the little things the right way to go above and beyond for our customers. By doing the little things right, we provide more comprehensive care for you than our competitors. Our roofers focus on your care above making money and getting the job done quickly. We will come to your property to adequately assess the care your roof needs before determining a budget and developing a plan that works best for you.

From there, we will find a date that works best for you and our team to complete your project. When you arrive at your property, we will take the utmost care of your property and lawn. Unlike some competitors, we carefully maneuver around your landscaping to respect the work and money you put into it.

Additionally, our contractors display the highest level of professionalism at all times. We will arrive on time for every job, and if something comes up that causes us to be late, we will communicate that with you. Additionally, we can finish most jobs in one day, which allows you to get back to business as usual instead of disrupting your business day with a long-lasting project.

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Based out of Hampton, Virginia, our licensed commercial roofing contractors can complete a number of commercial and residential projects throughout Hampton Roads. Each of our employees is certified and has vast experience, all led by our owner, who has been in this business for 40 years. No matter what you need done for your roof, we can handle it. To request a quote or learn more about our services, give us a call at 757-310-3873 or message us on our contact page today.