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Has your home or business’s roof been damaged in a storm or simply worn out over time? If so, you should contact our roof repair contractors at Just Roofing to make timely repairs at your property in the Hampton Roads area. Due to our vast experience and large team, we can complete virtually any type of roofing project, no matter what building you have or what type of material you are interested in.

We all know that a damaged roof can put you, your employees, and guests at risk, but a damaged roof can also threaten the integrity and appearance of your building. Read on to learn how roofs can be damaged and how we can repair them.

Residential Roof Repair in Hampton, VA

If your home’s roof has been damaged in a storm or has simply worn out, you know how critical it is to have an expert assess the damage as soon as possible. You don’t want the damage to progress past the point where it’s manageable. If your roof has been damaged and is allowing water to leak into your home, it can cause health risks, as well as structural damage. Additionally, various roofs and homes have several new-age additions, which require professional care and expertise. Here, our roof repair contractors will discuss some of the different additions we can work on, as well as different roofing materials we can install.


If your home has a chimney, it needs to be assessed and re-roofed in a different way than traditional roofs. Before we start your project, we will assess your roof and create a plan to ensure we have everything covered. While completing your project, we will ensure your chimney is properly maintained by replacing all the flashing that is on your chimney and walls.

Our team will ensure you are well taken care of, so your roof and other home additions will benefit your home the way they are supposed to. To learn more about how we are able to work around your chimney, contact our team today.


If you have skylights in your home’s design, it’s crucial you work with experienced professionals, so your skylights are properly maintained when you get a new roof. If your skylight isn’t properly cared for during a re-roofing project, damage can occur or the area may not be properly covered, which can lead to leaks and other problems. When you contact us, we will fully assess your roof and all of its unique qualities before creating a plan to repair it. From there, we will get to work and ensure your roof lasts for years to come.


If your roof has valleys, it’s crucial you hire experienced roofing contractors to ensure water doesn’t accumulate in the valley, which can cause severe leaks and other issues. If you suspect the valleys on your home have been damaged, we can assess the damage before getting to work.

To start, we will carefully remove all of the old materials from your roof to preserve your landscaping and ensure your roof is ready for new materials. When installing the new roofing material of your choice, we will also install ice and water shields in the valley, as well as around any pipes to ensure your home is protected. Once that is complete, we will finish the rest of your project and let you get back to life as normal.

To learn more about how we can work around various amenities you may have on your home or business, contact us today. Additionally, the three primary materials we use for our repairs are:

Commercial Roof Repair

In addition to our residential roofing repair services, we can also repair commercial flat roofs. If your business is in need of a flat roof repair, contact our team today or visit this page to learn more about our services.


Here are some of the questions we are commonly asked about roof repairs:

Will my roof leak if it has missing shingles?

Yes. Even if you are missing just one or two shingles or tiles, the damage can grow over time and create health risks or possibly cause your roof to collapse.

Can a leaking roof collapse?

Yes. If the damage to your roof is significant enough, your roof can collapse.

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